Heat pump air conditioning technology for new-energy vehicle
Energy conservation, significantly enhance the mileage of endurance
State policy

The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of State Strategic Emerging Industries" and "Key Catalogue of Strategic Emerging Industries" were printed and distributed by the National Development and Reform Commission on January 2nd 2017

The new energy vehicle is one of the strategic emerging industries.

5.1.3 Heat pump air conditioning technology is included in the thermal management system of new-energy vehicle electrical accessories.

Heat pump air conditioning technology for new-energy vehicle
Heat pump technology uses electric compressor to absorb heat from external environment for heating
Compared with the existing PTC technology, heat pump technology is of higher heating efficiency and significant energy conservation effect, with enhanced
Independent development of control technology
Algorithms and control logic based on a large number of tests and data
Significantly enhance the mileage of endurance
Taybo Technology has completed technology development of heat pump air conditioning system,
and has the capacity of mass production
Technology R & D strength
Team superiority
The company has professional technology personnel in air conditioning system, electronic control technology and electric compressor led by Korean experts team.
It has advanced test facilities like enthalpy difference laboratory, durability laboratory, high and low temperature environment simulation laboratory, air distribution laboratory, anechoic room, vibration laboratory and so on for heat pump of new-energy
Intellectual property protection
Taybo Technology has independently developed a total of 24 patents and 48 patents for approval since its founding in 2010.
Leading level
Through the analysis of Shanghai Chaxin Consulting Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the comprehensive technology of this project has reached the domestic leading level.
Focus on pure electric air conditioning products, break through the core technology of heat pump air conditioning for electric vehicles, and serve the main engine factories for pure electric vehicles with customized services, high degree of cooperation an
Professional thermal management system solution
Reduce the energy consumption of traditional electric air conditioning system, prolong the service life of batteries and improve the endurance of new-energy vehicle.