Corporate Governance
Taybo management policy is based on action,motivation,communication,humor and feedback.

It is our wish that all our managers act according to below management policy and we will continuously educate our team to ba a respected managers

 We believe all individuals are the same no matter whether they speak different languages that act globally and work locally

It is not what you say
but it is what you do.
Remember navigation is on you.You are the role model so do what you say you are going to do and expect others to do the same.

Create a to-do-list on priorties urgent on daily or medium term matters using the Taybo action point masyer and the TQM masters for longer term improvement projects.


Nothing is impossible for a motivated mind.Give your colleagues freedom to grow and hence the company grows.

Signals of positive and motivated minds; Active, loyal, happy, want to, doing, demanding, understanding, positive, motivate and constructive signals of not motivated and negative behavior: Too critics and no constructive proposals.


Good and clear communication is important for all human beings.Manager-employees:What do you want to achieve by this dialogue, speak clearly, listen, express your wished direct with respect for the individual, be open to new ideas if they fit company direction and positive.Manager-to-manager…You are expected to make constructive solutions to help and make the life the easier for other departments.


Keep a positive climate in the company.Look for the success and tell positive about the improvements, colleagues, organization and company. 


Critics is given to individual under 4 eyes and or to groups at the same time with no persons mentioned specifically.

Give positive and negative critics and receive critics …Keep your staff on goals with the targets but also test colleagues on matters to change.