Taybo in-car air-conditioning system
Wheels stop but comfort never

Exquisite process, energy conservation and gasoline saving, original factory quality,
safety and environmental protection.

Persist in development of technology process, serve customers with comfort
International master’s design, dynamic and curvilinear appearance, artistic and three-dimensional, and suitably elegant
Exquisite appearance and suitably elegant
24V safety voltage protection 丨 12h super long standby 丨 comfortable and energy conservation

Super long standby, environmental protection and energy conservation
Turn on the air conditioner and sleep with homelike comfort
12-hour super long standby, with refrigeration guaranteed
Comfortable and quiet, economical and worry-saving
Economical sleep mode, strong refrigeration, low noise and vibration, adjustable air volume
No need for gasoline, power supply with on-board battery for fuel saving
Wireless remote control, professional and safe
Wireless remote control and comfortable sleep
24V safety voltage protection, with security guaranteed
1H quick installation and rainproof treatment