【Taybotech vehicle-parking airconditioner】 beame the spotlight at IAA Hanovey Germany and China International Industrial Expo


       Recently, Taybotech vehicle-parking air conditioner was shown at the IAA (International Commercial Auto- Ausstellung) in Hanover, Germany on September 20th and the 20th China International Industrial Expo held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai on Sep 19th with remarkable achievements at both exhibitions.

IAA 2018 in Hanover, Germany

        Taybotech vehicle-parking air conditioner attracted much attention of truck drivers and Auto manufacturers from the world at the IAA (International Commercial Auto-Ausstellung) in Hanover, Germany.


       Our COO and CTO did professional explanations for each visitor and representatives of auto maker to make them deeply recognize our products and understand our innovation concept of energy saving and environment protection, which is fully accepted and praised by visitors. Meanwhile, it gives them confidence and expectation for the scientific innovation of Chinese national brands.


The 20th China International Industrial Expo

        The 20th China International Industrial Expo opens at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Taybotech exhibition booth attracted countless visitors. Our booth located at the Jinshan district theme exhibition area named as “Intelligent-Manufacture of Jinshan”.


        Mr Zhao Weixing, Party Committee Secretary of Jinshan District, and Mr Wang Mingfa, Director of Jinshan District Economic Committee, Mr Ye Haojun and other leaders visited Taybotech exhibition booth. Our company leaders introduced vehicle-parking air conditioner working advantages that it still work after the engine turned off, so as to achieve zero emission, energy saving ,environmental protection. It also provides a comfortable sleeping environment for truck drivers who fights in the front line.


        Jinshan District leaders always affirmed and paid more attention to the enterprise technology innovation of products. They encouraged Taybotech to insist on technological innovation and to do good job in product quality control and services. They hoped Taybotech can make more contributions to the development of national environmental protection.


Sep 20th to Sep 27th

Sep 19th to 23rd

The 20th China International Industrial Expo

        Taybotech vehicle-parking Air Conditioner Shows at  IAA in Hanover, Germany and China International Industrial Expo.

        It is not only the innovation of products, but also the infinite potential of technology innovation. It is also the importance of shaping Taybotech brand in the world.


        With the continuous effort of each workmate of our company, we believe, in the future, Taybotech products will sales more and more in global markets to help improve the living environment of thousands of truck drivers.

       At the same time, we hope that our country’s heavy truck and transportation industry will have a more brilliant future.


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